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The Negri Violin Program welcomes young violinists of rare and special talent into an inspiring atmosphere of intense violin learning

The Negri Violin School was founded in Germany in 1996 with the support and generous commitment of Lord Yehudi Menuhin, as Honorary President.
Following Lord Menuhin's path, the Negri Violin Program was launched in summer 2016 in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Yehudi Menuhin

An academic music education is very important for a young artist that aspires to develop a professional career in music. There are many institutions like Conservatories, Musikhochschulen and also Musikschulen for the younger ones, that offer this all around Europe. However, very often, the amount of different subjects students need to study takes them time away from focusing on their main instrument.

We aim to offer an intensive violin program for those young players who wish to concentrate their efforts in reaching a very high violinistic standard developing their gift and talent to their full potential.

Miguel Negri Violin Class Recording

A Tribute to Lord Menuhin

This CD was recorded in Germany by some of the students of Miguel Negri. They play pieces from Mozart, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Paganini, Ysaye and Waxman.

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The Masters:

Hu Kun

Hu Kun started to learn the violin with his father Prof. HU Wei Min at age of three and with Prof. Lin Yao Ji, piano with his mother Prof. Peng Shi Jun and conducting with Prof. Xu Xin.

Kun gained his first soloist post at age of thirteen in the Chinese Radio Symphony. He was the first mainland Chinese violinist ever to establish a solo career on the international stage after winning Fifth Prize at the Sibelius Violin Competition at just seventeen years old in Helsinki 1980, raising Chinese flag on the international violin competition stage.

He has toured around world, became the late Lord. Yehudi Menuhin's only private student for 15 years, winning more international competitions and major recording contracts and performing with world's leading orchestras at the world's major culture centre. Kun has taking up conducting under the personal direction of late Sir. Colin Davis for 10 years and founded his own orchestra HU Kun and Friends in London.

HU Kun has played with world`s leading orchestras like Royal Philharmonic, Orchestra de Paris, Berlin, Leipzig Radio, BBC Orchestras, Moscow States, China National Symphony and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra among others, and conductors like Otaka, Menuhin, Akiyama or Atzmon

HU Kun has recorded with Nimbus(exclusive), EMI, ASV, Chamber Sound, China Records, including music from Barber, Sibelius, Katchaturian, Prokofiev, Vivaldi, Bach, Bernstein, Hoddinott, Wieniawski, Saint-Saens and Chinese Violin Music.

Kun currently enjoys touring as a conductor, a Professor/Hon RAM at the Royal Academy of Music, giving masterclass at music festivals, chairing and serving as a jury member at the world's major violin competitions and building bridges for East and West cultural exchanges. There have also been a number of films and TV documentaries about his pioneering musical career.

Miguel Negri

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Miguel Negri comes from a multicultural family with Italian, French and Irish roots. Following the love for the violin infused by his father, Miguel soon stands out as one of the great violinist promises of his generation and after completing his training with Simzia Bajour, from whom he learned to master the production of sound, goes to Canada to continue his studies with Vladimir Landsman.

Shortly thereafter, Alberto Lysy invites him to travel to Gstaad, Switzerland, where Miguel is privileged to meet his mentor, Lord Menuhin, and becomes part of the Camerata Lysy for 4 years. In this period of study together with Alberto Lysy and Lord Menuhin, Miguel develops his aesthetic sensibility and absorbs the great knowledge of the violinistic tradition from Enesco and Menuhin.

In his last student stage, he settled in Luebeck, Germany. First as a pupil of Zakhar Bron and then as one of his closest collaborators. During the 10 years together with prof. Bron, Miguel coincides in class with Maxim Vengerov and Vadim Repin, and learns from Zakhar Bron the secrets of the Russian violin school. Also learns the fabulous teaching techniques from prof. Bron, considered one of the best violin teachers in history.

In 1996 he founded the Negri Violin School, with Yehudi Menuhin as honorary president and Zakhar Bron as artistic director. The Negri Violin School is a high performance center where violinists from all over the world come to develop their violin potential, both technical and musical.

The Negri Violin School now opens its doors again in Gstaad as a junior academy, focusing on the education of the youngest. Children with great musical abilities from all over the world, come to Gstaad with the dream of becoming the great soloists of tomorrow.

In this new stage, the center has the collaboration of great artists such as Jeremy Menuhin or Hu Kun, who together with Miguel Negri help to keep the legacy of Lord Menuhin always alive.

John F. Kennedy International School & Boarding

For our international students between the ages of 4-14, we offer the possibility to continue their regular studies at the prestigious John F. Kennedy International School, located just a few meters away of the church of Saanen, where Lord Menuhin started his famous Music Festival.

The JFK, with its boarding facilities, offers a unique family-oriented environment, where all students are motivated to fully develop their talents and skills.

Boarding facilities are offered to students aged 6 and above. A happy, friendly and rewarding residential experience in a cosy, home-like environment.


We will be delighted to listen to your child at any time through the year. If you are from abroad and it is not easy for you to travel to Switzerland, you might also send us a video recording of your kid's playing. During the upcoming months, auditions for pre-selection will be held in Gstaad. We are not just looking for talented kids, but also for flexible, fast learning and hard working students.

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Music is a therapy. It is a communication far more powerful than words, far more immediate, far more efficient.

Lord Yehudi Menuhin

A dream is unrehearsed

Lord Yehudi Menuhin

Music creates order out of chaos.

Lord Yehudi Menuhin

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