Learning to master the bow is a lifelong task, so today we will begin to learn how to hold the bow correctly.


It is important to firmly hold the bow to avoid dropping it from the hand, but also flexible enough, because it allows us to do different bow strokes which we will learn later.

Exercise 1

Sitting with a bent leg, drop the weight of the right arm on the right knee several times. We do this to feel the roundness of fingers. Then, rest the forearm on the arm of a couch letting the hand deadweight hanging in the air, and you will see that the natural position of the fingers in a relaxed state is slightly curved.holding the bow

Then replace the knee with a pencil, as shown in picture 3, and teach the student to place properly two important fingers: the little finger and thumb. The little finger is the only one placed rounding up the wand and the thumb, also slightly rounding up below to the middle finger height, as shown in picture 4.

Next day we will hold our real violin bow!