In this chapter we will learn how to hold the bow correctly and we will also start to strengthen the muscles of the right hand and arm.


Playing the violin is based on three pillars, which are sound, rhythm and intonation. It can be considered as the three legs of a tripod, and it is interesting to see how if the tripod is missing any of its leg it falls. Likewise, we can’t ignore any of these three elements. If the left hand, which we will talk about soon, is responsible for intonation, we can easily say, that the task of sound production belongs to the bow. So, as the sound is so important, let’s start by teaching the child to rosin the bow!

Violin Rosin

The hairs of the bow are horsehair and resin, which derives from trees, avoid slipping the bow on the strings. It is also used by dancers to avoid slipping on stage.